Establishing your own business



Business whether it’s a small scale or a large scale business you need to give your 100 percent time of yours it is not like working in other people company. When you own a business you got to think deeply and give your 100% to every smalworks you perform. By the way I don’ mean that when you work in the company owned by other people you don’t have to give your 100% at work. The difference is that when you own yourself you got to think more deeply by yourself coz every single mistake can lead you to loss or make your reputation down in the market and make you lose any of your important vendor or client. At the initial stage of establishing a business its quite tough comparing after it is established. Every single mistake you make can help you make better decision in future that does not mean that you start making mistakes in-order to make better decision. While handling any works an eye for detail is necessary and mind to think deeply; every pros and cons that may occur should be kept in mind.

While establishing a business you estimate a certain amount of capital is required to establish and the procedures will go in a certain process but, it does not go as we think and it might take more period of time for the whole process to complete. While collaborating a business with other company its more tougher you do not know whether they are going to give you the collaboration or not even though you have submitted all the required documents as per their requirement. They might ask you more documents in future it’s not an easy job to deal with other company rules and regulations even after paying the collaboration fees. Jus paying the fees does not mean that you are going to get their businesses or their resources which you need from them it is not like you pay the fees in school and get admitted the very next day for your classes. It takes time and you got to follow the procedures of their company and have patience finally, you get approval if they think you are the right company they can work with.

People who do not have a broader thoughts and no brains how things work while you start your own business has no idea what one can go through in-order to get the collaboration and to be at market are not fit for business. Still, if they have a flexibility in them and can change themselves then,most probably they could keep their hands forward in-order to establish business or else its a big no for them. It is the first few months or years tougher so, don’t you dare to dream that as soon as you establish a business you will be over flown with cash. Business is all about how great and rare ideas you have comparing other people it is not necessary that you have to brilliant at your studies to establish your own business. Foster new ideas and youngsters who are passionate to similar ideas of yours and let them work they will make your company flourish.

Establishing your own business is really tough it’s tougher when you plan to establish in partnership that is what I have realized but, I may be wrong. This is what I believe and have gone through so no more partnership business in future except with my darlings or in an exception case. I am just hoping that things will go alright and sooner we will be able to operate.


2012 Leap year

The last month february has the date 29 one more day then the usual year which comes after every four years. I do not even realize much exactly how my leap year was last time as I was engage with my under graduate final year studies with not much of a fear of a upcoming days how it would be? Yeah I do had a fear like what’s next or what am I going to do after few months and my plan was on for my graduate program which I thought that I would accomplish it. I tend to over think of any upcoming plans which makes me feel happy that is for sure but, that does make me sad at a times ugh I hate my habit of over tend to imagining things I would like to see or do.

I wish I was a creative in some field and had a tend to over think habit or imagine and invent some creative thing which would be very useful to all the people and myself more. I do not know how my days would be rolling till next leap year arrives. Certainly, there will be lots of changes I can be sure of that coz its time to have changes in every step I take at this time. Just one initial changes will welcome many more changes in life of settling down; making my career and home the most priority things.


Till next leap year arrives I will heartily welcome all my problems and solve accordingly trying my best to solve with ease and in a pleasant manner I can. I would be learning more and gathering more knowledge with all the problems and hurdles which will come my way. Hopefully, till next year arrives I would be traveling to few places and do things which I have not yet got to experience. When next leap year arrives I would like myself being little settled down myself and enjoy more with what I have embracing every little things.

I am kinda late to post this in my blog but still I am posting it later then never so, that I could retrograde after few years.

Reoccuring dreams

This is all for me and my believe:-))

Dreams at night has been haunting my psyche from quite a long time. Is it really I am getting psychic I dunno about this exactly but, I am for sure these days I am intrigued by all the dreams which comes all night long.

I did not used to remember most of the times what the dreams used to be like cause I had tendency of forgetting most of all my dreams. I remember during my childhood some of the same dreams used to occur frequently and few of my dreams which I remember are:-

a) There used to be a sage or (babaji) like person who used to wear yellowish or beige kinda color outfit coming to my house.

b) I used to see oceans

All these above 2 dreams are the ones I remember and I had no idea what it exactly means but, these days I am so much enthusiastic to know about my dreams and what their interpretations are. I do not know exactly what does this mean I have asked my mom about this so, she told me that it means something good. Argh but, today after researching about the oceans and water I realized that it does not mean good it is the state of confusion etcetera.

I have been seeing dreams and remembering all of it most of the time these days and I try to remember and see what does exactly that dream wants me to say. I have done few of a research looking into online books or the things written by great astrologer or the writer. It does gives me a sense of  knowing what is exactly happening in my life with all those dreams interpretation. I am interested to know what exactly my dream wants me to know so, that it could give me a sign of what is going to happen or what is wrong and what is right? While I was searching about dreams and its meaning I found great stuffs like. Many great people who have invented new things has known the steps of inventing through their dreams. I really liked how the god has helped to invent new things which we needed.

I know few of a differences how psychology or the science and the people who believes in dreams has their own differences and the beliefs in understanding what dream is. I maybe called psycho in believing dreams but, I believe in dreams these days and would like to know what it exactly wants me to say and to know so, that I could lead my life in a right path knowing where my destiny lies. It does help me to know what is right and good for me.

I would like to thank god for giving me power to remember my dreams. I am fascinated by dreams and its mysterious nature it has so much meaning in it and has a capability to let you know what path is right or what is going on in your life and it does show you path sometime. Do not just blindly relay on your dreams which you see at night thinking that things will happen by itself. But, you got to work hard too make all your dreams and desires come true.

Remembering the loved ones who are not any more with us

After the cremation of a loved once people can make some of  the desired stones or beads from the ashes of a dead body that sounds good and After the cremation of a loved once people can make some of  the desired stones or beads from the ashes of a dead body that sounds good and useful in the other way. This is all due to technology of those ashes converter machines makes it all happen. In some of the countries few people has been opting this method in order to keep their loved ones near by with them. In some of the households After the cremation of a loved once people can make some of  the desired stones or beads from the ashes of a dead body that sounds good and useful in the other way. This is all due to technology of those ashes converter machines makes it all happen. In some of the countries few people has been opting this method in order to keep their loved ones near by with them. In some of the households people distribute those beads among their family members so, that everyone would feel their loved and dearest ones who has already passed away is still their with them. Some people keep those beads inside the bottle preserving them and people do even pray in front of beads.
In a country like Korea this is happening more and some of the other Asian countries has been using this method after cremation but, it does not seem it is as popular as it is seen in Korea. In many of the other few Asian countries like Japan and others this trend has been disappearing slowly.

This is one hecka good thing people can keep their loved ones near by even after they leave this world instead of just putting dead body in a coffin and making tomb or either just the cremation and letting that ashes be thrown away near by river. All these does not happen in my country but, still I like the idea of keeping our loved ones close to us. In many of the  fast countries, few of the cities has too less space for the funeral as the rate of people growing each day is increasing day by day. Making beads after cremation seems one of the best way to not towaste space in making a tomb after the people are dead as this will lead in wasting space which could be utilize for other better purposes. distribute those beads among their family members so, that everyone would feel their loved and dearest ones who has already passed away is still their with them. Some people keep those beads inside the bottle preserving them and people do even pray in front of beads.

In a country like Korea this is happening more and some of the other Asian countries has been using this method after cremation but, it does not seem it is as popular as it is seen in Korea. In many of the other few Asian countries like Japan and others this trend has been disappearing slowly.



FriEnds arE the onEs who arE very Easy to find; if you go to a school, college or university for your schooling you find friEnds thErE and EvEn when you go to any institutE to takE any sorta coursEs you makE friEnds thErE too. It’s vEry Easy to makE friEnds but thErE arE vEry rarE friEnds who arE closE to you or arE in touch with you coz you guys arE a good or a close buddiEs that’s what makEs diffErEncE bEtwEEn just a friEnd and closE friEnds. You get connEctEd oncE in a whilE duE to timE diffErEncEs  bEtwEEn diffErEnt parts of thE world or any othEr circumstances EvEn though you gEt updatEs about thEir best happEnings in thEir lifE that’s how friEnds arE.

I havE limitEd friEnds to whom I say yah thEy arE my friEnds dEspitE of thEir background or Ethnicity. I am glad I havE thEm mEEting with thEm oncE in a 5 yEars or EvEn a dEcadE doEs not makE any diffErEncEs coz thEy arE same for mE EvEn though timE changEs and wE grow old thEy will rEmain samE for mE. MEEting friEnds and talking about thE days which arE gonE or Envisioning about thE futurE  arE always the swEEt things which i likE and talking about thEir happEnings, sadnEss part of lifE is what  makEs thE mEEting morE spEcial and it EvEN EnlightEns mE with thEIr ExpEriEncEs of lifE which I havE not gonE through.

At some pEriod of timE wE fEEl likE EvEryonE is busy with thEir individual lifE. As wE grow old wE havE to handlE our profEssional and social lifE which is no morE likE school or collEge lifE just friEnds and happEning days with who carEs attitudE about futurE blah blah…As timE kEEps moving on so fast wE hardly gEt to talk with our friEnd duE to various rEasons but, still your bEst or good friEnds will bE thErE for you in timEs of nEEd when wE tEnd to rEalizE that ugh EvEryonE is busy with thEir own life’s and thEy arE not thErE for you. SomEtimEs wE fEEl so solemn or tiring with thE samE monotonous days going on at that timE mEEting with thE good friEnds is thE bEst thing which will makE our monotonous days a bit bEttEr. WE will bE longing to mEEt our friEnds not in timEs of nEEd only but at thE joyous or spEcial momEnts of our lifE too. Your bEst buddiEs will bE always thErE for you coz thEy know you and undErstand you may bE they don’t undErstand you completely but still thEy know you and your habits.

LovE all my good friEnds who I get to mEEt oncE in a whilE which happEns quite after a long time but, its the bEst timEs I cErtainly havE.





My mom is the one who has given me this life

My mom is the apple of my eye without her I would be nothing in my life.

Mom is the one who endured a lot to bring me into this world Even though all the endurance which she has to face is never made realized or confronted in-front of me coz she got the sense of joy and happiness which she had never felt before; after I landed in this world seeing me in-front of her.

Mom is the one who makes me realize that I am worth it and gives me the ray of hope by being there with me every time when I need her the most. Even though I have wasted my precious time that is already two years and still wasting my time which is a golden period of my life when I am supposed to work hard and make my dreams intro reality one by one. I am doing nothing useful stuff or good works which would make any sense or give any sense of independent to live my life.

My mom is still showing me ray of hope things will get done pretty soon so, that I would get in a track with the things I want to do. Even if I make thousands of wishes and wants then, also my mom is the one who tries to get all my wishes and wants full-filled without thinking twice if she thinks that is right and I have to get it.

My mom is the stellar for me she is my life

Mom is the one who gives an abundant love to their children without wanting anything in return.

My mom is the one who I will cherish my whole life having her is only the thing which I love about my life.

My mom is the one who reinvigorates to do things which I felt that I would not be able to accomplish it and at the times when I feel that I just can’t do it.

My mom is the one who gives me strength to look forward and step forward. I know I am not the best child like of other people who earns and share their income with their parents to run their family. But, I am for sure I will not be the bad child also who will do things in a clumsy way or do things which should not be done. Mom you are the one with whom I have cried to share my saddest or joyous moment of my life.

Mom you have endured so much in life; I just wish and hope to keep you all away from all the pains which comes along in a life in different forms and time. I just wish you remain happy doing things you like doing.

Mom I always need you my whole life Thank you so much for being there always for me.

I love you the most wish I could share your burden of pain.

Your ever loving daughter.

Hugs & Love

Heart and mind

Heart is such a touchy part of my body which makes me feel and gives me a chirpy feeling according to what I see and feel. It makes my whole world feel feel and feel only and the other word mind is just the opposite it says and does. In most of the things if the heart and the mind goes hand on hand then the things will go definitely in a right track. Overall the heart wins it not the mind when we relate these two together.

Heart makes me feel stronger, gives love and make me feel love to live my life on the other hand mind gives me new ideas to roll my life the way I would like to lead. When my heart says I want certain kind of features or characteristics in someone but if the heart has already choosen some-one which does not even relate 10% of what you think as in your mind does not matter as heart wins over all it that’s how heart is. It makes all the things goes upside down in a blink of an eye. Balancing both the heart and mind is kind a tough job but, still the one who is capable of balancing these two can certainly live their life more happily and do the things they want and success will always kiss their feet.


Indeed my life has been a beautiful with different beauty and charms of this world which attracts me to see things beyond. Which can be visible through my eyes and that’s imagination which makes me go beyond I visit that particular place or I have been through that situation. It automatically makes me sink in that place and feel the pain of the pain holders who have been through that situation  which  is intolerable or the position where I have never been to that place but I can feel it through the imagination. It just takes me to the place where I have never been and never seen.

Imagination creates new things to this world and it does have the capability to make things go disaster if the imagination is not leaded in a proper way. I am glad I have my imagination which gives me tickle at my heart makes me laugh, happy and takes me to a whole new level where i have never been. Sometimes it makes me sad imagining the things which I can’t see but my heart can feel it whether that thing may be true or untrue but imagination does makes me feel it.

First love is the deepest one

I would have given you all my love; If my heart was an empty

Baby I am not all what you want

Baby I am not the one for you; There is someone else who deserves your abundant love

The first love is the deepest love which always haunts

The first love is the deepest one

I would have given you all my love; but, there was someone who has taken my heart away

I am sorry; I hurt you

I came to know that I was everything for you after a while

I am sorry; I hurt you

The first love is the deepest love which always haunts

The first love is the deepest one

Now, I hear all around that you have a new girl who loves you immense and you are the world for her;

I believe it is same with you she might be your world

I am happy hearing all this you are again in Love

You deserve the best of best now and everytime

Now, I am happy for you and you deserve the best-est

I just want to say remain happy always^.^

Memories of late teens and early twenties

Memories are the best-est part which I have with me all the time it is like a diary of past which is gone but it is with me as a memory which will remain with me forever. Memories are both bad and good and it is part of me which will never fade away from me it makes me laugh, cranky and even tears rolls on my eyes at a times when I remember about all those fun filled, crazy and boaring days at a times. I am for sure coz you don’t get to spend your days just doing fun filled things only sometimes we get lots a spare time mostly me; I had lots a spare time after my classes and stuff to spend and I did nothing useful those days so it was kinda boaring at a times.

Memories makes me take a long way back when I was more young then now, to those old days when I was in my late tens or early twenties. When I was like I dunno most of the time but, at this time I know and I can avoid saying I dunno. Now, I can say whether I want or I don’t want for anything who ever questions in-front of me or whenever I make any conversation with anyone. Those days are the days I had learned many things in my life and I still continue learning whether through meeting people or any other means. All those days when I thought that certain things were right and I was so blind or innocent not knowing some people can be bad or try to take an advantage in a sense they try to think overboard about others even though you think them as they are a okay or good people.

Writing about days of high school those days were not a bad days staying with bunch of a friends in one room and gossiping is not me or you can say I’m not  much more into it. But, I had lots a fun trying to study late night at study hours or staying till late night once a while at dorm. What makes more interesting is our hostel was Eww such a bad place to stay no water, no any laundry service all this made many of my friends and myself pretty hard at first. But, its not hard when you adopt slowly that is what happened we adopted in this environment. I was out of a hostel after almost at the end of a first year which was good for me; I had no any problems of water neither had to wash my clothes myself. That was the most happiest part for me at that time staying at home and eating good food and having the freedom of doing what you want no restrictions like staying at a hostel. Second year of a high school was better then staying at a hostel going around with friends for a tuition classes or going out once in a while was a fun fill days at those times. What made more interesting was I used to make my friends wait LOLZzz  whenever we had to go to tuition classes or anywhere I am sorry my dearies I had to make you wait haha that was how I was. I very much appreciate there patience of waiting for me and love you guys for being such a good friend.

While writing about undergrad it is kinda long story as it was the whole 4 years studying in a same institute or a college whatever. I was in a stoned age Lmao when I had joined the UG after a break and I was a heartless creature with a heart eheh may be I was so stupid or may be I did not want to hurt anyone that made me rude at a times in others eyes most prolly. Those fun filled trips and birthday blast were special and makes more special due to all those lovely sisters, brothers and friends who were there always in need and days to remember. Those old days has so many memories I don’t think I can write here in few words as  I am so much bad in putting my thoughts into words. I love all of you guys who were close to me you all are awesome and always close to my heart. You all made my under grad more easy and memorable without you all I don’t think those days would have so many memories.

Again, writing about studying grad Whoa those days were too good to live in such a calm environment and too bad being alone or being just 1 person from my country in such a freaking awesome place at my school. The saddest part was just me being alone from my country  mostly during weekend dinner it was kinda boaring or else I had a pretty good time strolling around the good cities and taking a trips to a splendid breath taking mountains. Friends and brothers made those days more easy to pass and memorable without them I do not think it would have been easy staying far from home.

Memories  takes me all way back to the days at a times when I was too stupid, more young, had so many dreams, was so much crazy about my career, future. I used to always think about what I am going to do after my high school or under graduate. I love and cherish all those memories which are tagged along with me for my whole life. They are the ones who are not going to be separated even a single day from me and will be there with me at a times when I want to laugh and when I am sad or disturbed with things they will be there to make me more strong and overcome the rough day. I must say all those days would not have so many memories if I would not have meet so many good friends, sisters and brothers and I am glad I get to meet so many good people. Meeting bad people or thinking people were good and trust-able  was always there with me coz I lack in making more friends or knowing more people. All meeting bad people has made more stronger and has taught me to know how to differentiate between people to have relation of any friends or foe. I am grateful to them who came along those times and taught be to be a more cheerful, delightful and a better wise person then who I could not have been if I would not have meet them.

I thank everyone who came during those times from core of my heart.

I love you all you all have made my life colorful with the precious memories which you have given me.