I am like an aww what is this happening in my country (Nepal) or as a whole we can say in this whole world. People are getting advance in context of what they think with the help of modern technology in their lifestyle . That is just an awesome people are having broader thoughts then what they used to? I loved this thoughts of people back here in my country but, there are certain things in life which we should not let it happen even though we are going through the phase of change.

People in early days used to spend their whole life with the same person they get married it was not only in context of Nepal. It was all around the world happening the same thing except in many advanced countries like in Europe, America as well it was till some era; but, was loosen up slowly by slowly due the changed of thoughts in people trend of divorce was started. Even though there were few number of people who used to get divorce and leave their better half and marry other person or else live alone till couple of years back here at Nepal. Those were countable but, now you can see a drastic change people are getting divorce like its nothing wrong in it. Nuptials are not just made for a certain period of time; it should not be that after sometime love for each other vanishes and there is a term called divorce  arising between the couples. Now. It has become a very common thing within the people out here.

I was astonished after hearing that a small girl studying at grade 7  at government school may be age of around 13 or 14 years getting pregnant . She does not know who is the father of a child and even the parents of a girl with whom she lives with does not that her daughter is pregnant. This is ridiculous they even do not know how to handle themselves they produce a baby and do not who is the father of a poor newly born baby? Has the newly born baby right to get all this pain due to that small illiterate teenager. This is the true story of one girl who belongs to the poor family.

The world is changing but this is not the right way to change. All these teenagers should be given formal education about the sex and the other major things which they need to know. Couples who get divorce without thinking much needs to realize life is short to make another mistake. So, it is always the best to get old with the same person who you loved at some period of your life more then anything.

I hope so thoughts of people changes and divorce rates gets lower then what is happening at this time. All these things makes me so stunned and pity on the poor small teenager she is so small and do not know how to take care of herself? has to take care of one more baby. I just hope people change their minds and all these negativity what is happening gets lower day by day.