Failure is what I am which describes me the best
The best of me is what I was searching inside me
While searching the best of me;

I found on myself that it was just my negativity which was whining up higher then the positiveness
The negativity is to be washed off from me to get the positive vibes in my life

Failure is what I am destined too at a moment, to know my capability
The positiveness is all what I need to overcome all these failures
I continue to get fail fail failure more and I am glad to wind up with the failure

So, that I would know how to handle the things like people say love is never a lovewhen we don’t get hurt;

So on success is never a success when we don’t get failure on a road to what we want in life
Despite of all failures, frustrations, obstacles who is still happy & has a positive vibes in themselves are the one who is going to get the opportunities  to make their dreams into reality

So, never ever lay back even when u are lost once or twice in life.

Still keep your spirits high and go forward that is what makes difference in life then rest of the others who lay back.

P.S: Written way back on March 19th 09