What decisions will you make? Make those now. I propose three immediate ones:

1.Invest in hiring more customer-facing employees. Make sure you have a slight surplus so every customer call is answered immediately. If a customer leaves a message, return the call without delay. Hiring people who will positively impact the customer experience will bring in more business more cost-effectively than anything else you can do.
2.Invest in training people who are in customer-facing roles. A satisfied customer is your best PR and marketing. Train people to connect with customers, build relationships, and provide thoughtful and expeditious service.
3.Invest in the activities that give employees a sense of commitment to and security in your company. Talk to them about their careers. Recognize them for jobs well done. Share your plans for the recovery. Celebrate their successes.

These three things are often the first to disappear in a recession. So the companies that do them now will have a huge advantage over the competition. Customers are fed up with poor service. The businesses that give them great experiences will be the ones they switch to. It turns out that your recovery might be as simple as being nice to your customers.

Citation: HBR