Inspiration and motivation are the best-est words which helps my life keep moving. I am grateful to this spectacular nature, great people and beautiful creatures living in this world. All these Beautiful creatures of this world like beautiful birds and nature are the major ones which makes me keep standing and outstanding in many ways. Without all these creatures inspiration I would not be able to lead myself front. Living creatures are awesome no one can compete with them it teaches every fool living in this world how to live life in hope, love  and team work. Talking about Immortal people like Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many others they are also the ones who teaches me in one or the other way to  be a humble human being and to give back to a society and people.Inspiration and motivations are the ones which takes off individuals problems and sheds off  from the darkness and enlightens up every-time in life at every downs in life. As a whole I can say that inspiration and motivations are always hovering in my minds and all these wonderful creatures and people gives me infinity knowledge that helps myself to be a better human being. Everyone needs hope and inspiration to live in this world; without inspirations and motivations life can be doomed rather then flourishing .

Do not lose hope and keep yourself motivated and be inspired from the things you adore. You just have one life so, do not get diverted with the flashy things rather be yourself and grab your dreams without losing hope.