Oh my god I am a big procrastinator these days ugh that is so awful I hate it see, still I am being the same. This is going on from last couple of days and still I am not able to get rid of this. I am letting my thing-to-do flow back and not on a time which is pretty bad for me. I know being procrastinator just harms me and my time  but still I do not know why I am like this is it me only or other people does has the same kinda habit? I am hoping that the tag of big procrastinator will leave soon from my soul and body. There are so many things I know that is bad for me and I should not do that and follow but, still I follow or do and this is 1 heck-a thing that is there in me currently. I hate this the most currently and would like to abandon this my whole life. Huh then, I would be always on a right time and do all my things at a right time what I have specified for myself. Then, there would not be any time myself realizing that I am a procrastinator girl. I would love to see myself without being a procrastinator.

Oh I am lazy to do my work and the whole day I was just arranging and keeping stuff in proper place and reading the blogs for a while not much but still reading the other thoughts were good. I loved reading it incredible bloggers are there and I will never get tired reading their blogs especially the topic which interests me.