Memories are the best-est part which I have with me all the time it is like a diary of past which is gone but it is with me as a memory which will remain with me forever. Memories are both bad and good and it is part of me which will never fade away from me it makes me laugh, cranky and even tears rolls on my eyes at a times when I remember about all those fun filled, crazy and boaring days at a times. I am for sure coz you don’t get to spend your days just doing fun filled things only sometimes we get lots a spare time mostly me; I had lots a spare time after my classes and stuff to spend and I did nothing useful those days so it was kinda boaring at a times.

Memories makes me take a long way back when I was more young then now, to those old days when I was in my late tens or early twenties. When I was like I dunno most of the time but, at this time I know and I can avoid saying I dunno. Now, I can say whether I want or I don’t want for anything who ever questions in-front of me or whenever I make any conversation with anyone. Those days are the days I had learned many things in my life and I still continue learning whether through meeting people or any other means. All those days when I thought that certain things were right and I was so blind or innocent not knowing some people can be bad or try to take an advantage in a sense they try to think overboard about others even though you think them as they are a okay or good people.

Writing about days of high school those days were not a bad days staying with bunch of a friends in one room and gossiping is not me or you can say I’m not  much more into it. But, I had lots a fun trying to study late night at study hours or staying till late night once a while at dorm. What makes more interesting is our hostel was Eww such a bad place to stay no water, no any laundry service all this made many of my friends and myself pretty hard at first. But, its not hard when you adopt slowly that is what happened we adopted in this environment. I was out of a hostel after almost at the end of a first year which was good for me; I had no any problems of water neither had to wash my clothes myself. That was the most happiest part for me at that time staying at home and eating good food and having the freedom of doing what you want no restrictions like staying at a hostel. Second year of a high school was better then staying at a hostel going around with friends for a tuition classes or going out once in a while was a fun fill days at those times. What made more interesting was I used to make my friends wait LOLZzz  whenever we had to go to tuition classes or anywhere I am sorry my dearies I had to make you wait haha that was how I was. I very much appreciate there patience of waiting for me and love you guys for being such a good friend.

While writing about undergrad it is kinda long story as it was the whole 4 years studying in a same institute or a college whatever. I was in a stoned age Lmao when I had joined the UG after a break and I was a heartless creature with a heart eheh may be I was so stupid or may be I did not want to hurt anyone that made me rude at a times in others eyes most prolly. Those fun filled trips and birthday blast were special and makes more special due to all those lovely sisters, brothers and friends who were there always in need and days to remember. Those old days has so many memories I don’t think I can write here in few words as  I am so much bad in putting my thoughts into words. I love all of you guys who were close to me you all are awesome and always close to my heart. You all made my under grad more easy and memorable without you all I don’t think those days would have so many memories.

Again, writing about studying grad Whoa those days were too good to live in such a calm environment and too bad being alone or being just 1 person from my country in such a freaking awesome place at my school. The saddest part was just me being alone from my country  mostly during weekend dinner it was kinda boaring or else I had a pretty good time strolling around the good cities and taking a trips to a splendid breath taking mountains. Friends and brothers made those days more easy to pass and memorable without them I do not think it would have been easy staying far from home.

Memories  takes me all way back to the days at a times when I was too stupid, more young, had so many dreams, was so much crazy about my career, future. I used to always think about what I am going to do after my high school or under graduate. I love and cherish all those memories which are tagged along with me for my whole life. They are the ones who are not going to be separated even a single day from me and will be there with me at a times when I want to laugh and when I am sad or disturbed with things they will be there to make me more strong and overcome the rough day. I must say all those days would not have so many memories if I would not have meet so many good friends, sisters and brothers and I am glad I get to meet so many good people. Meeting bad people or thinking people were good and trust-able  was always there with me coz I lack in making more friends or knowing more people. All meeting bad people has made more stronger and has taught me to know how to differentiate between people to have relation of any friends or foe. I am grateful to them who came along those times and taught be to be a more cheerful, delightful and a better wise person then who I could not have been if I would not have meet them.

I thank everyone who came during those times from core of my heart.

I love you all you all have made my life colorful with the precious memories which you have given me.