Heart is such a touchy part of my body which makes me feel and gives me a chirpy feeling according to what I see and feel. It makes my whole world feel feel and feel only and the other word mind is just the opposite it says and does. In most of the things if the heart and the mind goes hand on hand then the things will go definitely in a right track. Overall the heart wins it not the mind when we relate these two together.

Heart makes me feel stronger, gives love and make me feel love to live my life on the other hand mind gives me new ideas to roll my life the way I would like to lead. When my heart says I want certain kind of features or characteristics in someone but if the heart has already choosen some-one which does not even relate 10% of what you think as in your mind does not matter as heart wins over all it that’s how heart is. It makes all the things goes upside down in a blink of an eye. Balancing both the heart and mind is kind a tough job but, still the one who is capable of balancing these two can certainly live their life more happily and do the things they want and success will always kiss their feet.