Indeed my life has been a beautiful with different beauty and charms of this world which attracts me to see things beyond. Which can be visible through my eyes and that’s imagination which makes me go beyond I visit that particular place or I have been through that situation. It automatically makes me sink in that place and feel the pain of the pain holders who have been through that situation  which  is intolerable or the position where I have never been to that place but I can feel it through the imagination. It just takes me to the place where I have never been and never seen.

Imagination creates new things to this world and it does have the capability to make things go disaster if the imagination is not leaded in a proper way. I am glad I have my imagination which gives me tickle at my heart makes me laugh, happy and takes me to a whole new level where i have never been. Sometimes it makes me sad imagining the things which I can’t see but my heart can feel it whether that thing may be true or untrue but imagination does makes me feel it.