My mom is the one who has given me this life

My mom is the apple of my eye without her I would be nothing in my life.

Mom is the one who endured a lot to bring me into this world Even though all the endurance which she has to face is never made realized or confronted in-front of me coz she got the sense of joy and happiness which she had never felt before; after I landed in this world seeing me in-front of her.

Mom is the one who makes me realize that I am worth it and gives me the ray of hope by being there with me every time when I need her the most. Even though I have wasted my precious time that is already two years and still wasting my time which is a golden period of my life when I am supposed to work hard and make my dreams intro reality one by one. I am doing nothing useful stuff or good works which would make any sense or give any sense of independent to live my life.

My mom is still showing me ray of hope things will get done pretty soon so, that I would get in a track with the things I want to do. Even if I make thousands of wishes and wants then, also my mom is the one who tries to get all my wishes and wants full-filled without thinking twice if she thinks that is right and I have to get it.

My mom is the stellar for me she is my life

Mom is the one who gives an abundant love to their children without wanting anything in return.

My mom is the one who I will cherish my whole life having her is only the thing which I love about my life.

My mom is the one who reinvigorates to do things which I felt that I would not be able to accomplish it and at the times when I feel that I just can’t do it.

My mom is the one who gives me strength to look forward and step forward. I know I am not the best child like of other people who earns and share their income with their parents to run their family. But, I am for sure I will not be the bad child also who will do things in a clumsy way or do things which should not be done. Mom you are the one with whom I have cried to share my saddest or joyous moment of my life.

Mom you have endured so much in life; I just wish and hope to keep you all away from all the pains which comes along in a life in different forms and time. I just wish you remain happy doing things you like doing.

Mom I always need you my whole life Thank you so much for being there always for me.

I love you the most wish I could share your burden of pain.

Your ever loving daughter.

Hugs & Love