FriEnds arE the onEs who arE very Easy to find; if you go to a school, college or university for your schooling you find friEnds thErE and EvEn when you go to any institutE to takE any sorta coursEs you makE friEnds thErE too. It’s vEry Easy to makE friEnds but thErE arE vEry rarE friEnds who arE closE to you or arE in touch with you coz you guys arE a good or a close buddiEs that’s what makEs diffErEncE bEtwEEn just a friEnd and closE friEnds. You get connEctEd oncE in a whilE duE to timE diffErEncEs  bEtwEEn diffErEnt parts of thE world or any othEr circumstances EvEn though you gEt updatEs about thEir best happEnings in thEir lifE that’s how friEnds arE.

I havE limitEd friEnds to whom I say yah thEy arE my friEnds dEspitE of thEir background or Ethnicity. I am glad I havE thEm mEEting with thEm oncE in a 5 yEars or EvEn a dEcadE doEs not makE any diffErEncEs coz thEy arE same for mE EvEn though timE changEs and wE grow old thEy will rEmain samE for mE. MEEting friEnds and talking about thE days which arE gonE or Envisioning about thE futurE  arE always the swEEt things which i likE and talking about thEir happEnings, sadnEss part of lifE is what  makEs thE mEEting morE spEcial and it EvEN EnlightEns mE with thEIr ExpEriEncEs of lifE which I havE not gonE through.

At some pEriod of timE wE fEEl likE EvEryonE is busy with thEir individual lifE. As wE grow old wE havE to handlE our profEssional and social lifE which is no morE likE school or collEge lifE just friEnds and happEning days with who carEs attitudE about futurE blah blah…As timE kEEps moving on so fast wE hardly gEt to talk with our friEnd duE to various rEasons but, still your bEst or good friEnds will bE thErE for you in timEs of nEEd when wE tEnd to rEalizE that ugh EvEryonE is busy with thEir own life’s and thEy arE not thErE for you. SomEtimEs wE fEEl so solemn or tiring with thE samE monotonous days going on at that timE mEEting with thE good friEnds is thE bEst thing which will makE our monotonous days a bit bEttEr. WE will bE longing to mEEt our friEnds not in timEs of nEEd only but at thE joyous or spEcial momEnts of our lifE too. Your bEst buddiEs will bE always thErE for you coz thEy know you and undErstand you may bE they don’t undErstand you completely but still thEy know you and your habits.

LovE all my good friEnds who I get to mEEt oncE in a whilE which happEns quite after a long time but, its the bEst timEs I cErtainly havE.