The last month february has the date 29 one more day then the usual year which comes after every four years. I do not even realize much exactly how my leap year was last time as I was engage with my under graduate final year studies with not much of a fear of a upcoming days how it would be? Yeah I do had a fear like what’s next or what am I going to do after few months and my plan was on for my graduate program which I thought that I would accomplish it. I tend to over think of any upcoming plans which makes me feel happy that is for sure but, that does make me sad at a times ugh I hate my habit of over tend to imagining things I would like to see or do.

I wish I was a creative in some field and had a tend to over think habit or imagine and invent some creative thing which would be very useful to all the people and myself more. I do not know how my days would be rolling till next leap year arrives. Certainly, there will be lots of changes I can be sure of that coz its time to have changes in every step I take at this time. Just one initial changes will welcome many more changes in life of settling down; making my career and home the most priority things.


Till next leap year arrives I will heartily welcome all my problems and solve accordingly trying my best to solve with ease and in a pleasant manner I can. I would be learning more and gathering more knowledge with all the problems and hurdles which will come my way. Hopefully, till next year arrives I would be traveling to few places and do things which I have not yet got to experience. When next leap year arrives I would like myself being little settled down myself and enjoy more with what I have embracing every little things.

I am kinda late to post this in my blog but still I am posting it later then never so, that I could retrograde after few years.