This is all for me and my believe:-))

Dreams at night has been haunting my psyche from quite a long time. Is it really I am getting psychic I dunno about this exactly but, I am for sure these days I am intrigued by all the dreams which comes all night long.

I did not used to remember most of the times what the dreams used to be like cause I had tendency of forgetting most of all my dreams. I remember during my childhood some of the same dreams used to occur frequently and few of my dreams which I remember are:-

a) There used to be a sage or (babaji) like person who used to wear yellowish or beige kinda color outfit coming to my house.

b) I used to see oceans

All these above 2 dreams are the ones I remember and I had no idea what it exactly means but, these days I am so much enthusiastic to know about my dreams and what their interpretations are. I do not know exactly what does this mean I have asked my mom about this so, she told me that it means something good. Argh but, today after researching about the oceans and water I realized that it does not mean good it is the state of confusion etcetera.

I have been seeing dreams and remembering all of it most of the time these days and I try to remember and see what does exactly that dream wants me to say. I have done few of a research looking into online books or the things written by great astrologer or the writer. It does gives me a sense of  knowing what is exactly happening in my life with all those dreams interpretation. I am interested to know what exactly my dream wants me to know so, that it could give me a sign of what is going to happen or what is wrong and what is right? While I was searching about dreams and its meaning I found great stuffs like. Many great people who have invented new things has known the steps of inventing through their dreams. I really liked how the god has helped to invent new things which we needed.

I know few of a differences how psychology or the science and the people who believes in dreams has their own differences and the beliefs in understanding what dream is. I maybe called psycho in believing dreams but, I believe in dreams these days and would like to know what it exactly wants me to say and to know so, that I could lead my life in a right path knowing where my destiny lies. It does help me to know what is right and good for me.

I would like to thank god for giving me power to remember my dreams. I am fascinated by dreams and its mysterious nature it has so much meaning in it and has a capability to let you know what path is right or what is going on in your life and it does show you path sometime. Do not just blindly relay on your dreams which you see at night thinking that things will happen by itself. But, you got to work hard too make all your dreams and desires come true.