Business whether it’s a small scale or a large scale business you need to give your 100 percent time of yours it is not like working in other people company. When you own a business you got to think deeply and give your 100% to every smalworks you perform. By the way I don’ mean that when you work in the company owned by other people you don’t have to give your 100% at work. The difference is that when you own yourself you got to think more deeply by yourself coz every single mistake can lead you to loss or make your reputation down in the market and make you lose any of your important vendor or client. At the initial stage of establishing a business its quite tough comparing after it is established. Every single mistake you make can help you make better decision in future that does not mean that you start making mistakes in-order to make better decision. While handling any works an eye for detail is necessary and mind to think deeply; every pros and cons that may occur should be kept in mind.

While establishing a business you estimate a certain amount of capital is required to establish and the procedures will go in a certain process but, it does not go as we think and it might take more period of time for the whole process to complete. While collaborating a business with other company its more tougher you do not know whether they are going to give you the collaboration or not even though you have submitted all the required documents as per their requirement. They might ask you more documents in future it’s not an easy job to deal with other company rules and regulations even after paying the collaboration fees. Jus paying the fees does not mean that you are going to get their businesses or their resources which you need from them it is not like you pay the fees in school and get admitted the very next day for your classes. It takes time and you got to follow the procedures of their company and have patience finally, you get approval if they think you are the right company they can work with.

People who do not have a broader thoughts and no brains how things work while you start your own business has no idea what one can go through in-order to get the collaboration and to be at market are not fit for business. Still, if they have a flexibility in them and can change themselves then,most probably they could keep their hands forward in-order to establish business or else its a big no for them. It is the first few months or years tougher so, don’t you dare to dream that as soon as you establish a business you will be over flown with cash. Business is all about how great and rare ideas you have comparing other people it is not necessary that you have to brilliant at your studies to establish your own business. Foster new ideas and youngsters who are passionate to similar ideas of yours and let them work they will make your company flourish.

Establishing your own business is really tough it’s tougher when you plan to establish in partnership that is what I have realized but, I may be wrong. This is what I believe and have gone through so no more partnership business in future except with my darlings or in an exception case. I am just hoping that things will go alright and sooner we will be able to operate.